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Because you won't have to flip through 300 pages to find key lime pie.

1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die

By Mimi Sheraton
1,009 pages; Workman

Former New York Times restaurant reviewer Mimi Sheraton has written the ultimate culinary bucket list. Her not-to-be-missed foods include specific produce (Cox's Orange Pippin apple), restaurants (London's St. John) and ingredients (red grouse), as well as dishes high-end (lobster fra diavolo) to low (deep-fried Mars bar) and familiar (key lime pie) to not (kangaroo tail soup). Yes, it's fun just to read entries at random, but consider how much easier and faster you'll be able to find—say, the ingredient, or address for, the perfect plate of jellied eels—by using the search engine when the rare chance to eat them actually arises.