When the Oufkir family regained their freedom they had to start all over again. They had no money and no jobs. They all moved to Paris in the 1990s. Maria and Soukaina have French passports and the rest of the family is waiting for theirs. Malika says that even though her siblings are middle age or close to it, after spending 20 years in prison they are still being exposed to things which most of us take for granted.

Malika (Author)
Malika is 47 years old. In October of 1998, Malika married French architect Eric Bordreuil. She adopted Myriam's daughter when she was two and a half years old. They live in Paris.

Fatima (Mother)
Fatima is 64 years old and lives in Paris. She is still worried about her children and their future. She goes back to Morocco frequently to appeal to the Moroccan Government, trying to get the family's estate back.

Soukaina is 37 years old and lives in Paris. She completed her university degree when she was 36 years old and is now an artist who paints.

Abdellatif is 32 years old and lives in Paris close to their mother. He wants to be a pilot and is planning on going back to school. He is currently single.

Maria is 38 and is working as a stylist for French, Italian and American film productions in France.  She's single and adopted a seven-year-old boy from Morocco over six years ago.

Raouf is 45 years old and lives in Rabat and Paris. He works as a journalist for a Berber newspaper. He has a seven-year-old daughter.

She's 46 and is still having health problems.  She has survived cancer and is still battling epilepsy.  She is divorced and just moved to California.  She has a degree to work with mentally challenged children.


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