Lena Grove and Joe Christmas are both searching—Lena, for the father of her unborn child, and Joe, for his place in this world. Their parallel journeys will lead to horrific tragedy—and a small ray of hope.

'Light in August' by William Faulkner About Light in August
In a small town everyone knows everyone's business, but who really knows the heart of a man? Learn more about Faulkner's unflinching exploration of the dark recesses of the human condition.

Discuss 'Light in August'Get the Discussion Started
With a community of strange bedfellows, strangers and outcasts, there's no shortage of things to talk about at your next book club meeting! Shed a little light on important topics in the book with these questions.

Bookmark and Character Guide for 'Light in August'Your Exclusive Bookmark and Character Guide PDF
Byron Bunch. Burch. Brown. Burden. Feeling b-wildered? Print Your Quick Guide Bookmark and get character descriptions for all three Faulkner books at a glance!

Tips for 'Light in August'Clues for Reading Light
If you made it through hell and high water with the Bundrens and conquered Compson Mile, traveling with Lena Grove and Joe Christmas should be a walk in the park—but watch out for these shadowy twists and turns along the way.

Quiz for 'Light in August'Test Your Memory
Lena's back on the road but before Faulkner's novel leaves you, take our little quiz and see what you really know.


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