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"Brett Lott's Jewel is a beautifully carafted first-person epic of one poor southern woman's personal duel with God...This is a voice we don't want to stop hearing...some of the tenderest scenes of family love since those in Dickens..."
— Chicago Tribune
"Lott is one of the most important and imaginative writers in America today. His eye for detail is unparalleled; his vision — where he looks — is like no one else's in this country."
— Los Angeles Times
"Brett Lott has a gift for making the ordinary seem luminous. In Jewel, he applies his art to a broad canvas and produces what may stand as his masterpiece....Lott matches the honest strength of his characters with that of his prose. His Jewel is a perfect, seamless union of teller and tale."
— Boston Globe
"Brett Lott's brilliant novel Jewel is a reminder of one of the chief reasons to read: for the experience, for the story. Jewel is a simple first-person tale of a family that faces life with courage, if not always insight, and grows wiser for the doing. The work has the solid characterizations of Steinbeck or Harper Lee -- and the corollary scope and universality of three-dimensional people doing believable things... Brett Lott's creation of full humanity in Jewel, both in voice and spirit, is near-perfect.... This book is pure gift."
— The Dallas Morning News Times


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