If you can't find discussion questions for the book your group is reading, use these general questions to get the group talking. Encourage each member to ask his/her own questions, too! 

1. The circumstance that sets the book in motion is called the inciting moment. What was the inciting moment of this book?     

2. Describe the character development. Who did you identify with? Did your opinions about any of the characters change over the course of the novel?     

3. How does the author use language and imagery to bring the characters to life? Did the book's characters or style in any way remind you of another book?     

4. What do you believe is the message the author is trying to convey to the reader? What did you learn from this book? Was it educational in any way?     

5. Why do you think the author chose the title? Is there a significant meaning behind it?     

6. Is there a part of the novel you didn't understand? Are you confused by a character's actions or the outcome of an event?     

7. Do you think the setting, both time and location, played a large roll in this novel? Could it have happened anywhere, at anytime? If so, how would the novel have changed?     

8. In your opinion, is the book entertaining? Explain why or why not.     

9. What is your favorite passage?     

10. How did this book touch your life? Can you relate to it on any level?  


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