So many books, so little time! You asked everyone attending the first book club meeting to bring two book suggestions, so expect and encourage everyone to share their choices.   

Your group may be able to reach a consensus on the first book everyone will be reading. If, however, you haven't reached a decision after 30 minutes or so, try one or more of these techniques. 

  • Take a vote. After everyone has presented their suggestions take a vote on each title. If you have a tie, have another vote.     
  • Simply take turns. Go alphabetically, by birthdays, or by whatever order you decide. Whoever's turn it is selects the next book to be read.   
  • Take a blind vote. This is a little more time consuming, but allows everyone to cast their vote anonymously. Distribute several small slips of paper to everyone at the meeting. Vote on each title under consideration by passing around a large bowl and having everyone put in a slip with "yes" or "no" written on it. The title with the most "yes" votes wins. 
  • Leave it to providence. Still have those slips of paper and a bowl handy? Use them to write down the title of each book, then put them all in the bowl and have someone pick one (or more).
  • Still stumped? Start with one of Oprah's Book Club past selections!  


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