In her most ambitious novel to date, Alice Hoffman delivers a spellbinding tale of love and obsession.
The remarkable fiction of Alice Hoffman has the power to work magic, and as Newsweek says, "The real spell is the one cast by Hoffman's splendid writing." Author of the best-selling novels Seventh Heaven, Turtle Moon and Practical Magic, Hoffman now creates her most glorious fictional world. The New Yorker has called Hoffman "a dreamy and mesmerizing storyteller," and never has she had a more seductive story to tell.

Here on Earth is the dramatic and lyrical accounting of the joys of love, as well as the destruction love can release. The riveting themes of Wuthering Heights resonate beneath the surface, and a dangerous question is raised: Can a love that consumes you survive? Or perhaps more important, can anyone survive a love that consumes? Erotic, devastating, compelling, this is without a doubt Alice Hoffman's most unforgettable novel.

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