Twanda McAlister
Dear Oprah,

I cannot remember the last time I've absolutely had to stop everything to finish a book in one sitting. From the first page, to the last I was absolutely mesmerized by the strength in the character of "Julie." My favorite, largely, because she represents so much of what I see in myself. She made me ask myself, "If I were living in that time, would I take the same"journey" as she did? And, the answer was, and is, an overwhelming yes. Julie makes me proud to be an independent compassionate and free-willed woman! She gives the true meaning to "Girl Power" :) !

As for the author, Robert Morgan deserves a "Pulitzer Prize," first for detail! Not to mention the ability to carry me (the reader) through this journey; like breath through my nostrils — Constant — Until the moment of freedom that lies in exhaling! I found myself feeling Julie's pain, angst, occasional joy, frustration, pleasure, and ultimately, (the greatest of them all) Julie's rebirth! And, Oprah! How, who, what man, on this earth has ever described childbirth in it's truest form — as he does! Amazing! He must have been a woman in a past life! God's gifts truly manifested themselves in Robert Morgan's words. I was most proud of how Robert presented spiritual growth in his married characters. I've read a lot of books, and unless the book is specifically about God, and spirituality, nobody goes there! This is why I love God so much. Because, he gives us our missions, we receive, and then we embrace the beauty in sharing his "Good News".

Thank you for this opportunity. God's speed to you and your staff.

Spiritually Aware,
Twanda J. McAlister

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