Film: East of Eden became a best-seller, making it a natural for the movies. The film version of East of Eden was directed and produced by Elia Kazan (who also directed Steinbeck's Viva Zapata! screenplay in 1952) and starred James Dean as "Cal." The film opens at approximately Chapter 37 in Part Four of the novel. Shot partly in Salinas, California, it was finished and released in 1955. The movie has now reached the stature of a classic. The Bantam paperback edition scaled new heights on the strength of the James Dean movie version and became a multi-million-copy best-seller.

Television: East of Eden was adapted for television and presented on February 8, 9 and 11 in 1981 by ABC, starring Jane Seymour.

Musical Theater: The musical version of East of Eden, "Here's Where I Belong," opened March 3, 1968 at the Billy Rose Theater and closed after one showing.

Theater: East of Eden, a new adaptation for the stage, was performed at Steinbeck Festivals XI and XV by The Western Stage Company of Hartnell College. It was also performed in a shorter version at the Louisville Theater.



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