What did you as an author want the reader to experience?
Oprah: As the author of it, what was your idea for us as the reader?

Ann-Marie: To own it. To feel like it was your story. To forget that anybody wrote it. And that's why I almost feel a little fit fraudulent when I appear as the author. It's the sort of thing, well, I did my job and that's really the ultimate when people say, 'This is mine.'

What is it like to be the author of this book?
Oprah: What is it like for you to be sitting here with us talking about your characters? The people who had made visitations to you in your imagination, for us to be talking about them like real people?

Ann-Marie: It's absolutely great. For me, the characters were real. Stories have always been very real for me. Books, you know, were more real than, quote-unquote, real life. And again, I think maybe because I was an actor for so long, it's not strange. It's the most natural thing in the world. Why wouldn't we talk about fictional characters?

Brenda: Well, we're able to talk about them because of your writing skill.


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