Why was Frances' desire to get pregnant so strong?
Oprah: Why did Frances want to get pregnant so badly?

Anne-Marie: Your question, I think, touches on the other question which is, How much does she know? You know when you have a dream, and you might not know what it means until you casually tell a friend and then you go, 'Oh, how could I not? It's so obvious.' But you had to say it first before you knew what it the drive to become pregnant, what Frances says in the book, I think, is that she's going to bring Ambrose back. And this is the way to rebirth that lost brother.

Does Frances know that her child lived?
Oprah: Does Frances know that her child lived?

Ann-Marie: I need to know what other people think.

Chaka: She never knew. That made me angry.

Oprah: Do you think she knew?

Ann-Marie: I don't think she knew either. I'm just the author. I'm not going to make the rules. As a reader, I think that she didn't know.


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