Struggling to face the truth in our selves. Moving forward with that knowledge. Reconciling pain and joy, weakness and strength, reality and dreams. I believe that is the key to growth, to wholeness, to life, just as it is the key to East of Eden. What more will we share as we turn to the final section?

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Footnote: * Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters, page 124.

Photo Credit: Painting of John Steinbeck courtesy of the Center for Steinbeck Studies at San José State University

The Wounds Time Can't Heal
She's so bad and he's so innocent...does the story of Cain and Abel intertwine with Adam and Eve in the relationship between Cathy and Adam Trask? What is Charles' motive for leaving Cathy half of his inheritance? Who was Dessie's one true love? Our literary guide, Margo Jefferson, had her work cut out for her!

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A Story Steinbeck Wrote for You
Although it's true Steinbeck wrote East of Eden for his sons, Steinbeck wanted the issues of family and place—so intimately his own—to be achingly true for others. Take a closer look at how Steinbeck captivated his readers.

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Host Your Own Book Club!
It's never too late to get a group of friends together for a Book Club! We've got great ideas on how to invite people, where you should meet and how to make it fun! Hint: Serving foods reminiscent of the Salinas Valley are a great way to get conversation flowing. Why not serve a crisp salad in honor of Adam Trask's lettuce venture?

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  • In Part Three, six characters die or their deaths are described. How does the omnipresence of death change the mood and atmosphere of the novel? Get discussion questions for your next book club meeting.
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