That's right! Set your TiVos and VCRs and tune in this Monday!

We're on the road to Salinas Valley, California—the very heart of "Steinbeck Country"—and a book club discussion you won't want to miss!

Hold on to your seats—you'll meet Steinbeck's son, Thom—all grown up and the spitting image of his father. It's a star-studded hour when Fraiser's Kelsey Grammer and Jane Seymour stop by!

Surprises...hoopla...and the BIG announcement—our next book!

Don't get left behind!

Photo Credit: Steinbeck Country: Exploring the Settings for the Stories by David A. Laws

A New Side of Cathy
Jane Seymour brought Cathy to life in the television mini-series East of Eden. On Monday, she'll share what the role meant to her—in the meantime, see how Cathy tipped the balance between good and evil in the novel.

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The Valley that Shaped a Man
Although it's true Steinbeck wrote East of Eden for his sons, Steinbeck wanted everyone to feel a personal connection—so he told stories of the towns and people of Salinas Valley—including those of his own family.

Discover the man behind East of Eden.


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