Cal is in each of us. The pain of the past...the "destiny" that sometimes haunts us...the desire and the dream to create the best life possible. And the fear that we cannot, somehow, build the life we dream of. For each of us, as it is so true for Cal, it is only by fighting the battles of the heart, by risking love and facing truth—by timshel, choice—that we create the life each of us was meant to lead.

So good. So true. Steinbeck said, "It is the only book I have ever written." To me, it may just be the only book he ever needed to write!

I look forward to journeying beyond the pages of East of Eden—and to the heart of Steinbeck Country—as we take the Book Club on the road! I'll be writing with exciting news about our upcoming Book Club show soon!

— Oprah

Photo Credit: Steinbeck Country: Exploring the Settings for the Stories by David A. Laws

Tour Steinbeck Country with Oprah
Stay tuned for the first Book Club show of the new season—we're going the heart of the novel! Until then, learn more about Steinbeck's love affair with Salinas Valley.

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