From the wealthy aristocrats to the common peasants, use this quick, printable guide to help you remember who's who and keep track of the characters in Charles Dickens' novel A Tale of Two Cities. Reader's tip: Keep it handy and as you read, and add your own notes as more about each character is revealed.

Doctor Alexandre Manette
A French doctor imprisoned in the Bastille for 18 years; suffers some mental trauma from the experience

Lucie Manette
Dr. Manette's daughter; a beautiful, compassionate woman

Charles Darnay
A French aristocrat who denounces his family name and moves to England

Sydney Carton
An alcoholic lawyer who looks like Charles Darnay and regrets not making more of his life

Monsieur Ernest Defarge
The owner of a French wine shop and leader of a roving band of peasants—the Jacquerie—during the French Revolution

Madame Therese Defarge
Wife of Monsieur Ernest Defarge, a vengeful female revolutionary

Jarvis Lorry
An elderly English banker for Tellson's Bank and loyal friend to the Manette family

Jerry Cruncher
A messenger for Tellson's Bank

Mr. Stryver
An arrogant lawyer who employs Sydney Carton

Miss Pross
An Englishwoman who used to be Lucie Manette's governess and remains her devoted protector

The Marquis St. Evrémonde
A greedy, heartless French aristocrat

Theophile Gabelle
An agent for the St. Evrémonde family

John Barsad
A spy for Britain

Roger Cly
Another spy, John Barsad's collaborator

A peasant whose son is run over and killed by a carriage

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