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By Kent Haruf
192 pp.; Vintage

The tender Western love story Our Souls at Night reunites '70s icons Jane Fonda and Robert Redford for their first film together since 1979's The Electric Horseman. The two play Louis and Addie, a widower and widow who scandalize their community by sharing a bed to get through their lonely nights. The novelist Kent Haruf, who finished Our Souls at Night shortly before he died in 2014, wasn't much for complicated sentences, and the strength of his novels—most of which are set in the imaginary small town of Holt, Colorado—is the spareness of his prose, clean and as full of latent energy as a country power line. As the couple talk about their losses, sacrifices and betrayals, their intimate brand of pillow talk develops into poignancy, as when Addie recalls losing her daughter: "I sometimes feel I can still talk to her. Her spirit. Or her soul, if you want to say that." (September 29, Netflix)