All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon
These books will help kids 3 to 5 years old discover the joy of reading. Browse this list of new and classic children's books recommended by the Quicklists Consulting Committee of the Association for Library Services to Children, a division of the American Library Association, and start reading along with your preschooler today!
All the World
By Liz Garton Scanlon, illustrated by Marla Frazee

Follow a circle of family and friends through a day of enjoying the world around them and their many connections.

Beach Lane, 2009. ISBN: 9781416985808
Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard
Boo Hoo Bird
by Jeremy Tankard
When Bird gets a boo-boo, his friends all try to figure out a way to make him happy again.

Scholastic, 2009. ISBN: 9780545065702
Book Fiesta!: A Children???s Day/Book Day Celebration—Una celebraci??n de El d??a de los ni??os/El d??a de los libros: A Bilingual Picture Book by Pat Mora.
Book Fiesta!: A Children’s Day/Book Day Celebration—Una celebración de El día de los niños/El día de los libros: A Bilingual Picture Book
By Pat Mora; illustrations by Rafael López
Colorful illustrations complement the bilingual text celebrating children and books.

Rayo, 2009. ISBN: 9780061288777
Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy
Bubble Trouble
by Magaret Mahy
In a humorous, rhyming text, Little Mabel blows a bubble that encases her baby brother. He happily floats through the neighborhood as everyone follows along trying to figure out how to rescue him.

Clarion, 2009. ISBN: 9780547074214
Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Duck! Rabbit!
By Amy Krouse Rosenthal
It’s a duck! No, it’s a rabbit! Clever illustrations lead the reader to wonder, is it a duck or a rabbit? Could it be both?

Chronicle, 2009. ISBN: 9780811868655
My Garden by Kevin Henkes
My Garden
By Kevin Henkes
A young girl imagines her dream garden complete with jellybean bushes, chocolate rabbits and tomatoes the size of beach balls.

Greenwillow, 2010. ISBN: 9780061715174
Opuestos: Mexican Folk Art Opposites in English and Spanish by Cynthia Weill
Opuestos: Mexican Folk Art Opposites in English and Spanish
By Cynthia Weill; illustrations by Martín Santiago and Quirino Santiago
Mexican folk art of hand-carved wood sculptures show opposites, labeled in both Spanish and English.

Cinco Puntos, 2009. ISBN: 9781933693569
Wee Little Bunny by Lauren Thompson
Wee Little Bunny
By Lauren Thompson; illustrations by John Butler 
A young rabbit enjoys a "busy, dizzy" day of playing in the meadow near his home.

Simon & Schuster, 2010. ISBN: 9781416979371
What Can You Do with a Paleta?/??Que puedes hacer con una paleta? by CarmenTafolla
What Can You Do with a Paleta?/¿¿Qué puedes hacer con una paleta?
By Carmen Tafolla; illustrations by Magaly Morales
Set in the barrio, a young Latina girl explores the question "What Can You Do with a Paleta?" The warm acrylic paintings, reminiscent of Mexican folk art, reflect the various colors of this favorite frozen treat.

Tricycle, 2009. ISBN: 9781582462899
Wombat Walkabout by Carol Diggory Shields
Wombat Walkabout
By Carol Diggory Shields; illustrations by Sophie Blackall
Children count backward from number six when they join these adorable wombats on their walkabout. When a hungry dingo captures four of the wombats, the two that are left have to figure out how to outsmart him to save their mates.

Dutton, 2009. ISBN: 9780525472131
The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf
The Story of Ferdinand 
By Munro Leaf, drawings by Robert Lawson
When Ferdinand, a big and strong bull who has a peaceable and gentle nature, is stung by a bumblebee and reacts by puffing, snorting and pawing the ground, people think he is a ferocious bull just right for the bull fights but soon learn they are mistaken.

Viking Press, 1936. ISBN: 9780670674244
Frederick by Leo Lionni
By Leo Lionni
While the other field mice gather corn, nuts, wheat and straw to store for the winter, Frederick gathers sun rays, colors and words to be able to feed their spirits during the coldest, darkest days of winter.

Random House, 1973. ISBN: 9780394826141
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
Dear Zoo
By Rod Campbell
The zoo sends a series of animals as possible pets to a youngster, until they find one that turns out to be perfect.

Four Winds, 1982. ISBN: 978059007689
The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
The Lion & the Mouse
By Jerry Pinkney
2010 Randolph Caldecott Medal Winner
Set in the African Serengeti, this is a wordless retelling of the classic fable of the lion and the mouse.

Little, Brown, 2009. ISBN: 9780316013567

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The Mitten by Jim Aylesworth, Reteller
The Mitten
By Jim Aylesworth, Reteller; illustrations by Barbara McClintock
In this retelling of the classic Ukrainian folktale, a boy loses his mitten, which becomes home to a host of animals until the mitten is so crowded that it bursts into shreds of "bits and pieces of yarn."

Scholastic, 2009. ISBN: 9780439925440
More More More, Said the Baby by Vera B. Williams
"More More More," Said the Baby 
By Vera B. Williams
Three babies are caught up in the air and given loving attention by a father, grandmother and mother.

Greenwillow, 1990. ISBN: 9780688091736

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