Book Reviews
"Black and Blue... could be described as a low-key thriller about domestic violence and a woman's need for self-esteem. Quindlen understands thrillers, and her story is well constructed, beautifully paced...."
— The New York Times

"So uncompromising in its portrait of life and death, so honest in its rendering of love and loss, that it is simply impossible to forget."
— Alice Hoffman
"One thing is true: this is a remarkable book. Anna Quindlen writes about family with all the humnaity, wit, and pain of going home. This is a strikingly honest and transforming book."
— Wendy Wasserstein
"There is not a single false word in One True Thing. Readers of her columns in the Times are aware that Anna Quindlen has a first-class mind; now they will know she as a gret heart as well."
— Susan Isaacs


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