During our drive to Ixopo, I was reminded of the first words in Cry, the Beloved Country: "There is a lovely road that runs from Ixopo into the hills." The hills rolled like giant organized waves and the further we traveled, the more the beauty intensified. Zulu people were walking freely, chewing on sugar cane—sometimes wearing only the bare skin on the bottom of their feet. Women balanced objects on their strong heads while the sun is glares down so bright. I found myself astonished by simple lives lived in a land of unparalleled beauty.

Carisbrooke School
My most intriguing experience during this journey was our trip into the lower hills. This is where you can find the soul of the hills. We visited an elementary school—a small room schooling over 250 children. I was amazed by the discipline and regimented dances. We tried to follow the traditional dance and song but we failed miserably!

I will always remember sharing the gift of song with the Zulu people. I was overwhelmed by their appreciation. When the children were led to chant, "Sing, Tiffany, sing, Tiffany," I could not contain my tears of joy. The soul and pride of the Zulu people will go with me forever.


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