Why She Wanted to Go to South Africa
Tiffany is a 32-year-old opera singer who's been privileged to perform selections from "Lost in the Stars," the musical version of Cry, the Beloved Country.

She is excited to travel to South Africa because she believes music allows you to hear what's going on in the eyes of South Africans and she wants to help spread the gift of music. Tiffany is amazed that Alan Paton could write so objectively and so beautifully. Paton once said that no song could compare to the beauty of South Africa—but Tiffany feels the beauty of the musical version of Cry, the Beloved Country begins to come close.

About Tiffany
Jane Marshall, Tiffany's former high school teacher, nominated her to travel with Oprah's Book Club because she feels Tiffany exudes "the themes of Cry, the Beloved Country"—the love of family and community, faith in God and hope for a more beautiful world. A few years ago, Tiffany returned to her high school as a substitute teacher where Jane was teaching the novel. Jane invited her to sing the opera based on Paton's novel to her students. Jane wrote that Tiffany is "living proof that life can be transcendent."

Growing up in an inner city, Tiffany found her passion in music. Her career has taken her from the Apollo Theater to performing all over the world...but one of the few places she's never been is South Africa.


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