On Kumalo's Mountain
This place is so peaceful—the ground up here crunches comfortably beneath your feet when you walk—as if the ground was waiting for you, hopes you will come, is welcoming. It's just like the people of South Africa.

Sitting atop Kumalo's mountain, the rocks are hot with African sun. I can imagine Kumalo sitting here, looking down on the valley, on the land he loves, where his son was born and played and laughed. I can feel how far away he must have felt from his son—how one world collided with another and stole his son from him.

Indian Ocean
Today I touched the Indian Ocean, and smelled the salt of a thousand dreams in the waves. Small tide pools harbored fish, sea spiders, and colorful creatures whose names I do not know. I wanted to capture the entire sea and bring the lulling beauty home.


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