I produced my video more than a week ago—before I really had a chance to delve into Cry, the Beloved Country—and I have to be honest that it wasn't until chapter twelve that I finally saw the connection to my own life.

I am a teacher and my students are the poorest in our country. They are neglected and rejected by society. It says in the novel, "For it is only because they see neither purpose nor goal that they turn to drink and crime and prostitution." That is how people view my kids. Every day, I try to inspire my kids to see that they have a "worthy purpose," that they are worthy.

It also says in Cry, the Beloved Country "And others say this is a danger, for better-paid labor will not only buy more but will read more, think more, ask more, and will not be content to be forever voiceless and inferior." I want that for my kids—for them to find their voices and become who they were meant to be. Take me with you. I know I can make a difference on your show and a difference in the lives of my kids.


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