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The Poolside Pick

Listening to an audiobook poolside is a dream. You never have to squint into the sun to turn a page or lift your head off the lounge. The story surrounds you via your headphones. This summer, Gaiman's latest collection of 24 short audio pieces is the spot-on choice. Why? You're taking frequent dips, reapplying sunscreen, moving a glass of iced tea from the table to your mouth. The variety means that you're never bored, and each piece is short enough to ensure you'll never have to hit pause halfway through. Our favorites: "The Case of Death and Honey"(Gaiman's take on Sherlock Holmes) and "The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains" (Based on a myth from the Isle of Skye.) As a bonus, the book is narrated by Gaiman himself, whose seemingly endless supply of different voices bewitches and bedazzles.