Announced on March 28, 2000
About the Book
Tawni O'Dell's heartbreaking and at times humorous portrayal of the Altmyers, and her dead-on description of rural Pennsylvania is sure to mesmerize readers.

Nineteen-year-old Harley Altmyer is trapped. Father dead, mother in jail for murder, three sisters to care for, and a firery aggressive libido that rages against his will - Harley's world is full of hormonal traps and emotional landmines. He is an honest and sensitive lost soul trying to take on the responsibilities of adulthood without really understanding what those responsibilities are. A glimmer of hope appears from his relationship with a lonely mother of two who lives down the road. But Harley's delicate balancing act of keeping his family together , pursuing his affair with a married woman, and keeping his own head above water, all comes tumbling down as family secrets rise to the surface and burst through.


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