Talking about As I Lay Dying in your book club, on our message boards or with one of your friends? These thought-provoking questions will get the discussion flowing!
1. Discuss the different kind of relationships the Bundren siblings have with each other. Is Cora right about Darl being Addie's favorite son?

2. What type of marriage do you think Anse and Addie have? How do you feel about Anse as a father and a husband? How do Addie's children feel about her?

3. Discuss what the involvement of Doctor Peabody and Cora and Vernon Tull in the Bundrens' saga says about the importance of community in country life.

4. What does Cash's list of the 13 reasons for beveling the edges of the coffin tell us about him?

5. As far as we know, Dewey Dell hasn't told anyone about her pregnancy. Do you think she's incapable of articulating her condition in words, or do you think Faulkner meant her to be representative of the times?

6. How does Vardaman come to the conclusion that "My mother is a fish" (p. 84)? As you continue reading, look for other ways Vardaman attempts to keep his mother alive.


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