On a farm in Mississippi, Addie Bundren lies in bed watching her oldest son build her coffin, her husband having promised he'd fulfill her last request. Told in turns by kin, neighbors, strangers and even Addie herself, As I Lay Dying is the dark and heartrending tale of the Bundrens' odyssey.

About the Book
It was the book William Faulkner drafted while he was working the night shift at a power plant. Learn more about the Bundrens' journey. 

Discuss 'As I Lay Dying'Talk About the Book
Talking about As I Lay Dying in your book club, on our message boards or with one of your friends? These thought-provoking questions will get the discussion flowing!

Reading Tips for  'As I Lay Dying'Flowing with Faulkner
If you're looking for some hints on making heads or tails of Faulkner's dialogue, look no further! Faulkner could be trying to show you something special.

Bookmark and Character Guide for  'As I Lay Dying'Your Exclusive Bookmark and Character Guide PDF
This exclusively designed bookmark will refresh your memory on the entire Bundren family. Print Your Quick Guide Bookmark and get character descriptions for all three Faulkner books at a glance!

Quiz for  'As I Lay Dying'Quiz Yourself!
Our journey with Addie and her family has come to an end. Test your memory and see just how well you got to know the blundering Bundrens and their nettling neighbors.


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