1. When you heard that Dolly was spending the summer with Kitty, what was your first thought? What is your impression of the relationship between the two?

2. Much of this section is focused on the women of the novel. Name the three most important things you feel you learned about Russian women, women in the 19th century or women in general from Part Six.

3. Do you feel that Levin's jealousy over Veslovsky's amorous attentions towards his wife is in character?

4. Talk about the authentic period details in this section—Levin's estate, the shooting "contests," the muzhik cottages and the country in general. What did you find the most interesting or intriguing about them?

5. How do you see Levin's philosophies about his life and land in Part Six to be different from the way he thought of things before he married Kitty?

6. What do you think of Dolly as a mother to her somewhat unruly children? What seems similar or different about Dolly and Kitty in their approaches to motherhood?

7. Talk about Dolly's visit to see Anna. What do you think of Anna's "secret" and her reasons for keeping it?

8. Has Anna and Vronsky's love affair grown healthier now that they are away from the prying eyes of society? Do you feel they are still in love with each other?

9. Think about Levin's visit to Moscow during Kitty's confinement. How does he seem out of place in the big city? What do you learn about his philosophy that seems to be important?

10. At the end of Part Six, Anna and Vronsky settle in Moscow expecting of a divorce from Karenin. Knowing what you know, do you expect him to grant it?

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