1. Talk about the wedding. How were the customs then different from weddings today? What seemed familiar to you? Were there things that surprised or confused you—if so, what?

2. Now that Anna and Vronsky have fled to Europe, what do you think of them as a couple? Do you feel Anna has flourished now that she has love in her life? If not, why do you suspect she hasn't?

3. In Part Five, both Vronsky and Levin are described as being "not as happy as they expected to be." From what you know of them, do you think their expectations were realistic?

4. Discuss the way Kitty and Levin fight. How is their way of communicating different from the way Anna and Vronsky or Stiva and Dolly disagree?

5. How do you feel about the custom that would prohibit Kitty from visiting Nikolai Levin because of his relationship with Marya? What is your impression of Marya as a "fallen woman?"

6. Preparations for death play a big role in Part Five. Who do you feel handles Nikolai's final days well and who, if anyone, does not?

7. Talk about Chapter XX, the only chapter in the novel with a title. Why do you think Tolstoy titled this chapter? In what subtle ways do you feel this section is different from the rest of the book? Also, be sure to talk about how the chapter ends.

8. What is your impression of Countess Lydia Ivanovna?

9. We get a glimpse of Seryozha in this section. As a product of Anna and Karenin, in what ways does he seem similar to each?

10. The more you learn of Anna as a mother, what are your thoughts? What do you think about her attitude towards the baby, and how do you feel about her reunion with her son? If you are a parent, can you imagine making the choices Anna has?

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