Oprah: It wasn't horrible enough.

Audience Member: On a lighter note, I wanted to know are dates really good for your skin?
Malika Oufkir: (laughing) You'll have to tell me.

Audience Member: I was also amazed by the story you told. Did you ever write that down and do you have a copy? Do you ever talk about it?
Malika Oufkir: Whenever we talked about... It's the best memory that we have of prison.

Oprah: You told that story for how many years? Eleven years. It's the greatest drama ever telling those stories. You weren't on the Hollywood stage but you were on the stage that saved your brothers and sisters.

So what will happen now? Do you think you will go on and the book... Do you see what I was saying the other day, though? That people read the book and they are changed by it—enlightened by it —opened up by it. We see the world differently because of you. And that's part of the reason why you are still here. You lived to tell your story.

I was saying to Malika when she seemed so sad the other day, I said most people, a lot of people, go their whole lives and are never able to own their own truth—to really tell their own story—in such a way that can benefit the lives of other people. And you did that. You did that. That is why you are my hero. Thank you.


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