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"To a reader who can rise to the appropriate level of exuberant curiosity and delight in purely visual reality, Morrison's repayment is large and is paid out steadily as the action advances along a wide front .... [Morrison has] a power of vision and statement as effortless and commanding as any in twentieth-century American fiction....As much as any novel that stands before it..."Song of Solomon" lays out a whole world made from the wrack and cinders of an unimaginable waste and loss - from the all-top imaginable centuries of the cruel enslavement of untold millions."
From the introduction by Reynolds Price

"A stunningly beautiful book....I would call the book poetry, but that would seem to be denying its considerable power as a story. Whatever name you give it, it's full of magnificent people, each of them complex and mutlilayered, even the narrowest of them narrow in extravagant ways. They are still haunting my house. I suspect they will be with me forever."
Anne Tyler,Washington Post, Dec. 1977

"A cause for celebration...a remarkable novel that abounds with life...beautiful, funny, enormously moving, enchanting, laden with cunningly wrought mysteries. It is the best novel of the black experience in America since "Invisible Man" ...."
Book of the Month Club News

"Toni Morrison has created a fanciful world here -a universe where ghosts exist, where a dead man's bones are kept in the living room, where a young woman dies of heartbreak, and a grown man will himself to fly....She has an impeccable sense of emotional detail. She's the most sensible lyrical writer around today."
Philadelphia Inquirer

"Morrison dazzles... She creates a black community strangely unto itself yet never out of touch with the white world...With an ear as sharp as glass she has listened to the music of black talk and uses it as a palette knife to create black lives and provide some of the best fictional dialogue around today ... a beautiful balance between language and thought."
The Nation


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