Book Reviews
"A People Magazine Top-Ten Book of The Year. A New York Times Notable Book of The Year. A Los Angeles Times Book Award Finalist — Best First Novel of The Year."
— The New York Times

"Mr. Lamb gives his vociferous heroine truly heroic proportions, in both the physical and the psychical sense … John Updike once observed the J.D. Salinger loves some of his characters 'more than God loves them,' which might be said about Wally Lamb … Those characters are equally endearing to the reader, as Dolores Price is, even in her most self-deprecatory moments: this reader kept rooting for her to overcome all adversity and find peace and happiness."
— Hilma Wolitzer, The New York Times Book Review

"At a time when most of us could use a little personal moment of triumph, spending some time with Dolores is great therapy."
— Digby Diehl

"A heroine to cheer for … This supremely touching journey to adulthood may remind you of "The World According to Garp" and other sagas of emotional liberation."
— Glamour

"There are at least two surprises in store for readers of Lamb's memorable debut novel. One is the author's sex. THIS MALE WRITES SO CONVINCINGLY IN THE VOICE OF A FEMALE, tracing her life from 4 to 40, THAT YOU HAVE TO KEEP LOOKING BACK AT THE JACKET PICTURE just to make sure. The second surprise is how much a string of trials and tribulations can add up to such a touchingly funny book."
— People Magazine


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