Book Reviews
"No one writes as lushly as Toni Morrison...And no one evokes more magically black communities — the people, the bonds, the talk, the buried resentments and the secret histories."
Deirdre Donahue, USA Today

"...a breathtaking, risk-taking major work that will have readers feverishly, and fearfully turning the pages."
Kirkus Reviews

"Another triumph for Morrison..."
— Publishers Weekly

"Gripping...Morrison is at her complex and commanding best."
— Booklist

"Like all the best stories, [Morrison's] are driven by an abiding moral vision. Implicit in all her characters' grapplings with who they are is a large sense of human nature and love — and a reach for understanding of something larger than the moment."
Jean Strouse, Newsweek

"[Morrison] works her magic charm above all with a love of language. carries you like a river, sweeping doubt and disbelief away, and it is only gradually that one realizes her deadly serious intent."
Susan Lydon, Village Voice


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