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Mother of Pearl is a first novel of immense and staggering power. I had never heard of Melinda Haynes in my life, but everyone in America will be hearing about her very soon. Her sentences have the beauty of coined silver forks resting on linen. Her dialogue shimmers. Something absolutely wonderful is going on here and it might be the surprise one feels encountering greatness."
— Pat Conroy, author of Beach Music

"Ambitious in both depth and scope, Mother of Pearl is a dazzling first novel."
— Connie May Fowler, author of Before Women Had Wings

"Richly conceived, with vivid character, Melinda Haynes' Mother of Pearl, though set in a time of immense Southern troubles, has a timeless, abiding quality: of the earth itself and life in its passing, of the arduousness and necessity of human communication. This is an impressive first novel."
— Willie Morris, author of North Toward Home

"With deft humor and deep sympathy for human suffering, Melinda Haynes has created a novel that weaves together mystery and magic and the small bright delights of everyday life."
— Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of Sister of My Heart


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