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"Morgan is among the relatively few American writers who write about work knowledgeably, and as if it really matters"
The New York Times Book Review "An ideal example of a regional tale: free of "local color," respectful of his people, entirely free of condescension, Morgan offers a gliding, unhurried story of sufferings and hope that is simple and tagged, but never seems alien. This couple'' relentless misfortunes are given no more drama than they need, and all the compassion they deserve."
Kirkus Reviews Review "Morgan is a writer with perfect emotional pitch, knowing how to keep the sorrow and job of his characters on a human scale."
The Ithaca Times Review "Haunting, lyrical prose sustains the book and redeems its material, which seems to flow from page to page like sorrowful mountain music." — American Way Review "Praise to Morgan for his literary accomplishment. What a wonderful gift book it would make."
State, Columbia, SC Review "The ordinary folk of Appalachia are Morgan's subjects, and here he offers another compassionate tale of poor people enduring brutal working lives and harsh deprivations with stoic dignity."
Publisher's Weekly Review "In the novel's final pages, Morgan's sentences begin to cut to the bone.I wanted to cry uncle and go bury this novel in my backyard, someplace where it wouldn't slip into my dreams. I couldn't take it anymore, and I mean that as a compliment."
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