Who Is the True Villain?

Madhavi: This book was really hard for me. I felt like everyone who struggled and tried in this book failed. And I had a hard time understanding, because I can't get through my day thinking that no matter what you do, it isn't going to help in the end. ... And the fact that no one is responsible. There's no clear villain!

Rohinton: The system was out of control. And it went out of control because the rule of law was suspended in a bad move by Indira Gandhi, a brilliant person, a good leader, who did a lot of good for the country. But I think when The Emergency was declared, she had become frustrated by the obstacles presented by this slow and messy and tedious process of democracy. We have to admit that democracy is messy. But it's the only way, or you see what happens. ... The villain is injustice. And that's the villain anywhere in the world where there is discontent and suffering.

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