Rohinton Mistry's Gift to You

Oprah: What did you want the reader to receive? What was your hope? Your expectation? Your intent? Were they all the same? Or were they all different?

Rohinton: I always feel that every response from [each of] my readers is equally vaild. Having said that, I will say that if people can see in the book the importance of family, the human need for family—and by family I don't mean blood relations, I mean people—that is what redeems everything, ultimately.

Carlyn: I get a sense of family, just with us sitting here. We're a family for these moments. But we're all important it is to feel that way with each other.

Oprah: It's different, though, when you have to open your home, your porch, your veranda, to someone who you didn't even think was in your touching zone [caste]. That's a whole bigger thing.

Rohinton: It's a big stretch, what you just mentioned. It's a big stretch. And many big stretches will reduce the amount of injustice in the world. There's no other way than making the big stretch.

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