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"[I] spent four memorable three-week stints each summer of my undergraduate years living in the slums of Bombay as a member of the Social Service League of my undergraduate college, attempting to better and improve the lives of slum dwellers such as the Monkey-man and the Hair-collector. Yes, I know them intimately. They are real. They are still there."

"I can't look at my life in the same way after reading this. Dr. Phil told his Get Real Challengers that there are no accidents in life, and I believe this book was put into my hands at just the right time."

"Despite all their sorrow, these characters were fortunate enough to unwittingly achieve the fine balance between the dark side of life and the essence of the human spirit."

"Ishvar's and Narayan's village life reminded me of my visits to my grandfather's village: the huts, the poverty, the children running around still happy despite their bleak situation. It is enough to break your heart into a thousand pieces."

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