Ask your kids to read aloud regularly to track their progress.

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Time to Read Out Loud
Your iPod or XM radio shouldn't be the only thing you're listening to. Ask your kids to read aloud regularly. That way, you can track their progress and stay aware of any difficulties they might be having.

Teaching your kids to read is like teaching them to ride a bike, Kimber says. It begins with you by their side. Start by picking a text that's just a little too difficult for your kids to read on their own. Cuddle up with them and read the book aloud in unison. "I think of this as riding the bike with training wheels," Kimber says. "Your child begins to feel what it's like to be a reader; they hear themselves reading the book, but they have the full support of their parent with them, which is really affirming and helpful to them."

When your kids become comfortable with this, Kimber says to read a sentence aloud on your own and then have your child repeat that sentence, echoing your pronunciation. "It's like you've taken the training wheels off, but you're still holding onto the seat: They have you if they need support. You're letting them know what it sounds like to read, but then they're feeling it on their own while reading the words on the page," Kimber says.

Eventually, your kids will begin to feel comfortable reading passages on their own. Let go of the bike and allow them to fly solo!