Turn a trip to your library or local book store into an adventure.

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An Adventure of Its Own
To kids of all ages, there's nothing like a good adventure. Turn a trip to your library or local bookstore into an anticipated event, and you never know, your little ones might even beat you to the car.

Help your kids sign up for a library card. Not only will they feel more grown up, but they'll feel a sense of accomplishment and possession over their reading abilities. If, early on, you can instill in your children the value of print, they'll carry it with them for years to come.

Thom suggests choosing a book for yourself while your kids make their own decision. Leave judgment at home, he says, because the aesthetic appreciation many adults have for books doesn't come as naturally to young children.

"They may want a great big catalog of fiction. They may just want to read about this one animal and then go back 30 pages and read about another animal. Not judging what your kids are reading means letting them pick."

Use the reading list from the American Library Association to start reading with your child today!