15. What is one thing you have always wanted?

Complete and utter comprehension of the world and why we exist.

16. What is your most valued possession?

If one can think of people as "possessions," in the sense that by loving people they become ours in some sort of way, then my most valued possessions are the people I love—my family and my closest friends.

17. What is one book you've been meaning to read?

I've been meaning to finally finish Ulysses by James Joyce.

18. What is your favorite food?

Okpa, a steam-cooked bean dumpling from eastern Nigeria.

19. What is your secret guilty pleasure?

Shopping. Chocolate. But I''m not sure who secret or how guilty they are really. Everyone close to me knows how much pleasure both give me, and I own these pleasures!

20. How would you like to be remembered?

As a person who tried to be honest and who tried to be kind—and who often realized the difficulty of being both at the same time.

Chimamanda's latest novel, The Thing Around Your Neck, is now available in paperback. 


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