Jody and Ira were overjoyed when they learned they were having twin boys. Tragedy struck when the babies were born 14 weeks premature. Three days later, the smaller twin, Ryan, went into cardiac arrest. The doctors were unable to save him.

Although they lost one child, they still have baby Spencer and their daughter, Haley. For Jody, though, it's hard to feel happiness. For her, sadness and grief are so much more powerful.

Gary Zukav's suggestions for Jody:
  • Look at your lost son as a soul like yourself.
  • Be open to your souls interaction. You can find appreciation and power in a lost one's soul. You can then receive their gifts.
  • Look at your lost one's soul as more than a personality. That diminishes its power and presence in your life.
  • Let the power of his soul into your life as something that's coming to be with you. You are gaining from its strength and wisdom.
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