In 1997, Gina Cotroneo was brutally raped. Once strong, empowered and independent, Gina felt angry, powerless, fearful and ashamed. Then she began her journey to get her power back.

During her ordeal, Gina focused on a picture of an angel she had on her wall and remained calm enough to gather evidence that eventually led to the conviction of the rapist.

Gina confronted the rapist in court two years later. "I told him he had taken a piece of my soul and that I wanted it back. I reached forward and grabbed the air in front of him ... and I brought it back to myself."

Gina let go of her anger and guilt. She looks at her rape now as an opportunity, "the biggest one of my life—it just came really well disguised."

Where could she have been after that rape? According to Gary Zukav, Gina was spiraling downward into depression, consumed with grief, anger or rage against men, rage against the Universe. If Gina had done that, she would not have tapped into or created the power that she has created in her life.

"You've got a right to be angry," Gary says. "You've got a right to be loving. You have a lot of rights. Which one are you going to take? Gina took one of her rights and it led her to authentic power. There are always choices."

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