How to Reboot Your Thought Process
Choose an area of your life that you'd like to improve. Then, do the following three things:
  1. Create a fun, present-focused affirmation that feels good. For instance, you could give up the belief that you have to struggle to find a new job and affirm, "The perfect job finds me." Then, let the energy of this new belief open doors and draw opportunities toward you.
  2. Visualize your end result. Add an image to your affirmation to lend the belief more power. See yourself working in a beautiful, well-lit office with people who love and appreciate you, and who pay you fairly for your good work. Flood your mind with this scene, thinking about it when you wake up, when you're in the bathtub, at mealtimes and before you go to sleep.
  3. Use technology to reinforce your new belief. Email or text yourself positive messages related to your new belief (I use the app TellMeLater on my iPhone). Getting messages throughout the day that say, "My job search is easy and comfortable; I'm surrounded by helpful people" or "Every time I turn around, I get a great new lead" will not only make the process more enjoyable, it will send the right energy out into the world. That energy will help you find a new job.
The power to change your life gets activated when you take ownership of your thoughts. Choose good ones and let your life soar!

Cheryl Richardson is coauthor of You Can Create an Exceptional Life (Hay House).

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