So what we've devised is a set of guidelines, or rather Super Extraordinary Guidelines for Ultra-Successful Winner Dating ™. These are the key to turning your dating life around and setting the new standard for HOW you date. Like we stated earlier, you get to determine the value of your time, the value of your company and most importantly how you date and how you absolutely DO NOT date. Grab a fork and dig in, sister, because you've got some dating to do!

Here's a preview of what dazzling principles you're going to have drilled into that pretty little head of yours.

The 8 Super Extraordinary Principles for Ultra-Successful Winner Dating ™

Like yourself and know you're worthy

Start with giving your thighs a break. Why can't you just like them for once after all these years they've supported you?

Get a life, have a life ...

... and don't throw it away when every Tom, Dick and Agnes comes along.

Pretty is as pretty does

Get real about what you're putting out into the world.

Don't accept less than an actual date

Seriously. Stop hooking up with bozos when you're drunk.

Don't freak people out with your need

Crazy + Sexy doesn't always = Cool

Doormats finish last and end up in the dirt

Having some standards and ditching the deal breakers

Don't show the movie before the trailer

Making sex an event, not a given

Not every date is going to turn into a relationship

And a worthwhile one is a marathon, not a sprint

Here's the Deal ...

It's Just a F***ing Date! It's a philosophy and an attitude all rolled up into one great big package. It's the difference between expecting something to happen and being surprised when it does. It's letting go of the whole process but not letting go of you. There are things in life you can change—your weight, your appearance, your mindset, etc. —but there is one thing you cannot change and that is other people. Try as we might we cannot get people to love us. Even when we are the coolest best version of ourselves someone is going to say, "Not for me." But if we feel good about ourselves we can shrug it off and say, "It's just a f***ing date," and know that there will be others.

When you really want something and you're doing everything you can to make it happen and it's not coming to fruition you have to let go of the result and do the work anyway. You can't live inside of a result because it will always disappoint. But if you work towards the goal and let go of the result then you'll not only get what you wanted, but will probably get something that's better and different than how you had imagined it. That's how life works. Life comes in a different package than you expect it to. The same goes for dating. You need to show up and see what happens. Well now, that doesn't sound so hard but in fact it is.

This book is going to demand two things from you that may seem to conflict. We are going to ask that you be vigilant in your attempts to better yourself AND not take dating so damn seriously. "So does that mean I have to get all dressed up and try even if I'm not supposed to care about what happens?" Exactly. And you'll be a better person for it.

So pull it together, woman, and let's get ready to date!