Oprah's Lifeclass Daily Life Work: The Five Love Languages

This guided workbook will be your companion piece to Oprah and Dr. Gary Chapman's discussion on Oprah's Lifeclass about the languages of love.


Do you demonstrate love to your partner with your love language or theirs?


How would you define love? Given what you've learned about Dr. Chapman's concept of five love languages, does your definition have room for additional thought and development?


Discuss the "love tank" metaphor Dr. Chapman describes. How often do you focus on your spouse's love tank? How successful have you been at keeping it filled?


Given your spouse's love language, what new or renewed actions can you take to make your spouse feel more significant?


Are you alert to signs that your spouse might be crying out for love? Are you gauging the possibility that his or her emotional love tank could be running on empty? What are some of the things that can cause one's tank to dry up?


What are some of the benefits you'll reap by keeping your spouse's emotional love tank at the proper level?


Dr. Chapman points out two keys to providing the right kinds of encouragement: empathy and seeing the world from your spouse's perspective. Can you improve in either or both of these areas?


Words of Affirmation
Are words of affirmation your partner's love language? What makes verbal compliments work as motivators?


Quality Time
Do you consider yourself a good "quality conversation" listener? Can you identify ways you can become a better listener?


If receiving gifts is your spouse's primary love language, what beginning steps can you take to become a proficient gift giver?


If acts of service are your spouse's love language, what are some things you should consider doing for him or her?


Is physical touch your spouse's love language? If it is, what are some simple, nonsexual things you can do on a daily basis for him or her?