Oprah's Lifeclass Daily Life Work: Live with Purpose with Bishop T.D. Jakes

This guided workbook will be your companion piece to Lesson 3 from Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour.


My purpose is ______________. (If you don't have anything to put here, you will! That's what this class is all about. So skip for now if needed.)


T.D. Jakes says your passion can lead to your purpose. So if you can't figure out your purpose—can you list three things you daydream about on slow days at work or while in the carpool lane?


Are you looking for, or currently with, somebody you hope will tell you what you should do? Write down examples of times when you've made yourself fit somebody else's ideas for you, rather than be the person you are.


Are you living beneath your purpose? Are you giving your strength to stuff that "must be done"? List five things that keep you from your purpose. How can you stop spending time on them?


You know you're being true to your purpose when things that you couldn't do on your own start happening. Describe times in your life when something worked out beyond your expectations.


T.D. Jakes says, "The pursuit of your life is to come into that purpose—and the waste of your life is to miss that purpose." What would you regret most if you missed your purpose?


It's never too late for a do-over—which means it's never too late to find your purpose. What would you do again if you had the chance?


What's one thing you could do to create that second chance?


What would you say you're good at? Are you in an environment that allows you to use those skills on a regular basis? If you are, how does it feel? If you aren't, what place would be more conducive to your best work?