Oprah's Lifeclass Daily Life Work: Deepak Chopra on Spiritual Solutions

This guided workbook will be your companion piece to Lesson 5 from Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour.


Deepak Chopra believes that a simple definition of success is that it's the result of a series of good decisions. What choices, right or wrong, have created your current reality?


Before answering the next three questions, take a moment to think about a really bad choice you made. Remember the factors that led to that decision and what happened after. Why did you make that choice?


Did you act on impulse despite your better judgment? How so?


Did your ego get in the way, making you the victim of false pride? (Were you competitive, unwilling to admit someone else might be right, etc.?)


Did you overlook your own hidden agenda, such as wanting to fail so that you wouldn't have to take full responsibility for the outcome?


Deepak Chopra believes that one law of karma is that we can transform negative events into opportunities for growth and service. How can you do a "karma cleansing" and turn one of your mistakes into a chance to help others?


He also says that we turn our worst experiences into rules for life ("I am never recognized for what I do"; "I'm always left by the people I love"). What are the rules you've made for yourself? List your top three.


Now, can you take the three best experiences in your life and, instead, turn those into rules for your life? ("I worked hard and received the promotion"; "I made the time and I was able to see a beautiful sunrise.")


Can you list three decisions you need to make soon, from small choices (like whether you want to sign up for a new gym membership) to larger concerns (what changes need to be made after losing a job)?