Lesson 17: You Can Rise from the Ashes of Your Life

This guided workbook will be your companion to lesson seventeen from Oprah's Lifeclass.


If you are struggling or are in pain, whom do you know who's gone through a similar circumstance and can be your pathfinder to show you that this is survivable?


If you've lost someone you loved, how did that person bring joy into the world? While allowing your sadness to be as it is, write for ten minutes about the joy, describing everything about it.


Grief makes it hard to even remember happiness. Can you describe "getting over" a loss in the past?


When things go wrong, we often want things to go back to the way they used to be. Instead, you need to create a new normal. How will you create a new way of being in the world?


When you're hurting, ask and answer these questions: What am I releasing? What am I gaining? Where am I holding on to something that is already gone?


When you've suffered a loss, the only way out of the grieving process is through. Can you find a place inside you that knows the way through? Focus on that. Describe it.


What are the three most comforting things that ever happened to you? Write about each one for at least five minutes.


Oprah has said that if you pray for courage you don't get courage—you get the opportunity to be courageous. What are you praying for? Do you already possess it? What do you really need to be asking for?