Gratitude: I practice gratitude daily.

Everyone understands, at least intellectually, that gratitude is essential for happiness and abundance. That said, most of us do not make a conscious habit of practicing gratitude daily. Instead, we reserve gratitude for after something especially good happens. The problem with this is that, because we don't practice gratitude regularly, we often miss all the good things as they happen! Our lack of gratitude gives us only partial sight, and we lack a full appreciation of what is available to us.

Practicing gratitude is really a decision to give up all belief in lack. The miracle of gratitude is that it changes your perception, it changes your brain and it changes your experience of the world. Gratitude is a training in vision that helps you recognize what is already here for you. Gratitude energizes you. Gratitude opens you up. Gratitude makes you attractive. The more you practice gratitude, the more abundant you will feel. Why? Because like attracts like; and practicing gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful.

Exercise: Your abundance score will increase if you commit to practicing gratitude on a daily basis. To get started, say out loud 10 things you are truly grateful for. Notice what this feels like to hear yourself say it. Are you having fun? Does it feel silly? Any resistance to doing this exercise is really a temptation to keep holding on to your old stories of lack, unworthiness and separation. Keep going. And keep doing it. The gift of gratitude is that it helps you to enjoy your life as it happens, here and now.

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