Receiving: I am a good receiver (in all areas of my life).

Are you a good receiver? Do you drink life in? Do you let people give to you? Can you let the good times roll? When it comes to letting life be really great, what's your threshold? What's your fear?

There are no shortages, only a lack of willingness to receive. Receptivity works on three levels. Level 1 is about being open to what wants to come to you. This openness makes you attractive, in that it helps you to attract great things. Level 2 is about recognizing what is already here. Many of us overlook what is already here because we are poor receivers. Level 3 is about appreciating the natural qualities of our true nature—our secret beauty, our eternal loveliness, our innate wisdom and our human kindness.

Exercise: Take a personal inventory in which you identify at least three ways you limit your own happiness and abundance. Notice how you are depriving yourself of nourishment, inspiration, joy and aliveness. Make a resolution to stop being so mean to yourself. And be willing to let life give to you, so you can give yourself more fully to life. Reflect also on what my friend Dr. Chuck Spezzano says: "When the receiver is ready, the gift appears."

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